Mentoring and Training

The key asset of any organization is people. Our mission is to support you and your staff through ongoing training, continuing education and self-improvement opportunities – from individual mentoring to group workshops.

Individual Training

Without a group of like-minded colleagues to filter ideas, it is hard to achieve your full potential. If you are a business or store manager, administrator, small business owner, enrollment coordinator for a school or a development director you need to receive helpful perspectives and meaningful advice from seasoned professionals in your field. We connect you with an experienced individual available to support you by phone, through email dialog and in personal consultations. We are a sounding board for key strategic decisions so you can move ahead with confidence.

Community Development

In today’s world, we are faced with the growing challenge of working together to achieve common goals. Focusing on listening skills, communication and consensus building, we help develop a supportive community around your organization. We build a picture of your service to the community and help articulate your mission in order to galvanize the support you seek. When all stakeholders are engaged in the planning and dream toward realizable goals, communities thrive.

Training and Support of Direct-Care Professionals

Taking care of elders can be overwhelming — so much so, those willing to serve often become burnt out by the demands and leave the field entirely. The current industry approach is to simply replace caregivers frequently, but with a growing demographic need for elder care, this is not sustainable. Through development and installation of ongoing training modules, we create a fulfilling career path for caregivers while providing exemplary elder care for residents in a supported community atmosphere.

Conflict Resolution

In situations where people are at odds and communication has broken down we offer third-party objectivity. Working on-site or from a neutral location, we identify issues and create an atmosphere where psychological safety is paramount and guidance is provided on a path toward resolution.

Specialized Workshops and Lectures

Our team can lead custom workshops for your organization. Sample topics include how to develop trust, speaking effectively before a group, working with parents and workshops for Waldorf Schools.

HR Review and Support

Supporting your HR department or key staff in this area includes the review of existing documents and handbooks, review or policies and procedures in the onboarding and evaluation process.
Onboarding, evaluation and separation all benefit from clearly communicated policies. Compliance with regulations and labor laws is a key component. Together with our certified mediator and lawyer more complex situations can be reviewed and supported