Financial Management

Protect the core values of your business

Financial success is the key to your future. You can have outstanding programs, innovative products and dedicated service, but unless you are financially successful, your business will not be sustainable.

Budget Planning

A meaningful budget is the result of a systematic process. In the same manner that you set and re-evaluate goals throughout the year, your budget is essential to evaluating success line by line, program by program. We passionately guide you and your staff through a comprehensive planning process – designed specifically for your organization. Your new budget will be among the most important management tools for your business.

Financial Reports

Financial statements highlight areas of strength, expose areas of concern and uncover trends. Understanding and interpreting these reports enables you to develop a detailed financial overview in order to guide long-term decisions. We develop at least three customized documents which reveal the true financial health of your business:

  • Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet)
  • Statement of Earnings (Income Statement)
  • Statement of Cash Flow

Financial Consultation

If you already have a bookkeeper, we provide consulting to help evaluate accounting software, implement a new chart of accounts, support your accounting staff and assist with year-end preparation for an audit. We provide meaningful financial models and recommendations to improve your current system, including:

  • Protecting cash flow
  • Establishing internal controls
  • Managing employee health benefits
  • Implementing cost control measures