What Others Say

Mary Foote, Executive Director, Colonial Theatre, Phoenixville, PA

“As the Colonial Theatre continued to grow, it became evident we needed to consider professional services to handle our bookkeeping and oversee our accounting procedures. AdminService has been wonderful to work with and has helped to develop practices that insured a seamless audit at year end. The bookkeeping staff are not only professional but enthusiastic about our business.”

William R. Bauer, Ph.D., Executive Director, Dalcroze Society of America

“Thank you again for all the insight and guidance you provided in the review of our financial practices.”

 Stacey Alston, The Waldorf School of Atlanta

“The Atlanta Waldorf School reached out to AdminService for support in administration transition and interim support. We were assigned Kim Pendleton and she has proven to be invaluable in helping our school navigate issues of organizational change, leadership, management, and strategic vision. She has the ability to assess and bring clarity to difficult situations and has helped our school determine the best path forward based on our unique mission, values, and culture. We can wholeheartedly recommend AdminService for interim administrative support. Kim has the ability to impart her knowledge and skills in a way that would be beneficial to any school, whether it is going through a transition or determining next steps for future growth.”

Three River Waldorf School Wisconsin

“At the time Kay and Claus came, it felt like we were teetering on the edge of chaos. The calm, confident approach they brought to our board and parent body helped us feel that we could turn the school in a new direction. And so we have! Thanks go to both of them.”

Emily Butler, President of the board, Ithaca Waldorf School

“You, of all people, know how very far we have grown from the tiny Kindergarten program years ago. Thank you for your many hours of advice and support – and your visits that brought the school to a new direction. We are thankful for all your help.”

Tamarack Waldorf School

“The HR committee has worked with Kay and Claus to reevaluate our staff positions, pay structure, staff evaluations and HR functions in general and we are very pleased with the services provided. The report we received after an on-site visit from Kay demonstrated that she is perceptive and was able to gain a quick grasp of our organizational structure, inner workings and relationships, work load, challenges and successes. We look forward to continuing to work with them after the initial work is complete.”

Kimberton Waldorf School, PA

“Much has been asked of all of us over these past few months, but we are especially grateful for the time and effort you have given in support of the school.”

Green Meadow Waldorf School, NY

“I wanted to express my thank for your efforts this year. Our financial affairs seem to be running quite smoothly and the faculty seems to be becoming aware of the key issues facing us in a very positive way thanks to your efforts. You have earned people’s respect in a very short period of time.”

Richmond Waldorf School, VA

“Thank you so much for your time, observation, and sharing of your experience. We have all experienced your support as extremely beneficial on many levels. I am pleased to hear that you will continue to work with us.”

Susquehanna Waldorf School

“Thanks so much for your detailed report to the faculty and board. It feels as if we have a launching point for further discussion with the faculty and as a board, as well as a blue print for how to proceed through the next phase. It is most helpful. Thank you.”

San Diego Waldorf School

“Thank you for your thorough and thoughtful review of our schools organizational structures. I find it very insightful and supportive of movements already begun amongst staff and volunteers. I will use this as a guide for our work going forward. I very much appreciate the wisdom and experience you bring to the analysis.”

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you for putting in so much time and energy to help take the school to the next level. You have helped to bring balance to our community.”

Nancy, Co-Director, Upattinas School and Resource Center

“On behalf of Upattinas School, both Alden and I want to thank you for your ongoing administrative support. It is a pleasure to align with an organization that brings both a professional and humanitarian view to its work.”

Eric Jones, School Director, Community Partnership School

“When we started working with AdminService, our bookkeeping and general fiscal management needed shoring up. With collaborative guidance and consistent support, AdminService helped us update our processes and begin implementing systems that left us more knowledgeable, empowered, and positioned well for growth.”

Not-For-Profit Organizations

Bernard Murphy, Camphill Foundation, NY

“Thank you for the doing the administrative audit with the focus on the financial side for us”

La’a Kea Foundation, Hawaii

“We all feel blessed to be supported by you. Everyone that I have communicated with, both board and public, are grateful for your enlivened, knowledgeable, artful, intuitive and directed guidance to our project.”

Guenther Hauk, Spikenard Farm IL

“We here at Spikenard are very grateful to have AdminService on our side; your services in overall administrative support, fundraising and marketing mentoring as well as website development and management are essential for our organization at this stage in our development.”

Sarah Bennett, CO

“We sincerely appreciate your being part of our CLCI Colorado work. Your support and advice continues to be a great boon for us and we are deeply grateful. Besides, we just really enjoy your presence.”

Small Business

Mark McKibben, Owner, Uriel Pharmacy

“We have appreciated AdminService in handling the daily bookkeeping and monthly auditing for Uriel. The individual assigned to our account has been thorough, prompt, and available. I am especially grateful for the willingness to extend and expand as needed to cover additional administrative functions as well as the ability to adapt the relationship to changing circumstances.”

Terry Brett, Owner, Kimberton Whole Foods

“We appreciate the HR, operations and marketing support that AdminService provides to our company. This, in addition the oversight of our business office, is supporting us in our effort to position the company for future growth. But more than anything we value the ongoing support of the vision and mission of our company.”

Anne Hess, Owner, BFit

“I think today went awesome!! Lydia is amazing and I feel like we are really on track, with tasks we need to do and direction for where we need to go. Annette is working feverishly and staying late to get as much as she could done…you really have a wonderful team, and I am so very grateful for finding you. Thank you already for all you have done for me!!!”

The Crossroad Publishing Company, Chestnut Ridge, NY

“Thank you for working with us at The Crossroad Publishing Company. Your achievements have been numerous in the three months since you’ve begun.”

Mike B, Kimberton, PA

“Thank you for the connection to your IT person. He provided a great service for us; we appreciated him making a house call for a small computer problem in our home. There are few left in the IT field who make house calls at a reasonable cost. “

Jacqueline, Friendly Haven Rise Farm

“I have an arts background and I don’t take it for granted that classy website designs just show up. The website is easy to navigate, has nice graphics, good panels on the photos and is very simple to read. Just a plain ol’ really good job you did.”