Your organization is unique.

The staff you employ, the culture of your business and the clients you serve require diverse, specific needs. We work in harmony with you to identify solutions that align with your mission and incorporate your values – providing the help you need to grow your business efficiently and economically through:

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New Service


In partnership with AdminService, Panorama Fundraising will provide high-level fundraising counsel and action plans to successfully enhance development efforts for schools and other not-for-profits.

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What Others Are Saying

Alex von Hoffman, President of the Board, Linden WS, Nashville

“I wanted to thank you for all your help last year. I can’t tell you how
pleased the board, and, I believe, the entire school community, are with our
new leadership, which you helped us in so many ways to obtain and support.
The sense of directed energy and freed up creativity really is palpable and

Mark Hulbert, Board Member, Emerson Waldorf School, Chapel Hill, NC

“Working with AdminService was invaluable to the Emerson Waldorf School in working through the transition from one administrator to the next. They enabled us to take a breath and resist the impulse to immediately hire a replacement, and instead spend a year focusing as a community on what works in our governance structure and what doesn’t. This has put our school in an immeasurably stronger place as we embark on the next phase of our journey.”

Jacqueline Case, Board Chair of Raphael Academy

“AdminService has played a critical part in the founding of our new private school initiative. Raphael Academy is fortunate to have had the guidance of such an experienced team of professionals work with us to develop school and student policy, healthy budgets, marketing materials, and fundraising resources. We look forward to working with AdminService in the future so that we may continue to grow into a healthy, well balanced organization.”

Anne Hess, Owner, BFit

“You really have a wonderful team, and I am so very grateful for finding you. Thank you already for all you have done for me!!!”

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you for putting in so much time and energy to help take the school to the next level. You have helped to bring balance to our community.”